1 Year Of Zoom Self Defence & Meditation Classes With Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA)

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1 Year Of Zoom Self Defence & Meditation Classes With Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in Online Training · 28 June 2021
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1 Year Of Zoom Self Defence & Meditation Classes With Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA)


Hi everyone, welcome to our Zoom Self Defence & Meditation classes blog and review article!
Since the dawn of covid, The Eclectic Self Protection Association (ESPA) have been running both self defence and meditation classes completely FREE of charge to all of London & Nationwide with Zoom through fun, engaging, professional and interactive training.

Our Mixed Martial Arts & Self Defence classes were designed to improve confidence, self assurance, personal protection skills, self awareness, fitness, flexibility, gross motor skills, stress levels and self esteem all in a fun, friendly and interactive way.

                  Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA) Self Defence Class In Progress With Zoom

The ESPA Mixed Martial Arts & Self Defence classes with Zoom were a fast, explosive and dynamic 40 minute boost in the basics and groundings of Eclectic Self Protection and covered various techniques including the following:

- Eclectic Warm Up And Stretch
- Eclectic Punching Combinations
- Eclectic Kicking Combinations
- Eclectic Fitness work
- Eclectic Break Away Techniques
- Eclectic Verbal De-Escalation Exercises
- Eclectic Free-directional self defence techniques
- Eclectic Mental & Visual Enhancement
- Eclectic Self Defence On The Ground

Given the fact that these classes were run electronically online via Zoom, and students trained without a partner due to covid restrictions, the training was geared to martial arts & self defence visualization based training with physical fitness using eclecticism.

ESPA Head Coach Luke James Coaching A Middle Section Side Kick & Choke Breakaway For Personal Defence Using Eclecticism

Our Self Defence classes with Zoom have been running for well over a year and have been very popular with our students, clients and newbees, and have even led us into running private 1 to 1 training & corporate classes over Zoom including running a 2hr Womens Self Defence Workshop to the ‘London School Of Economics’ for a large scale of female students.

We have been simply delighted to have great feedback and fantastic reviews from various of our students to have either been training with us long term or on a short term basis. We thank all for making what Eclectic Self Protection is in this difficult time!

Our Meditation classes with Zoom have also been very beneficial for the London Community and surrounding areas.

                               Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA) Meditation Class With Zoom

These 30 minute Mediation classes with Zoom were also completely FREE of charge and had both a positive impact on our students reaping the following benefits:

• Reduced Stress.
• Emotional Balance.
• Increased Focus.
• Reduced Pain.
• Reduced Anxiety.
• Increased Creativity.
• Reduced Depression.
• Increased Memory.

Our Eclectic Meditation classes were aimed induce a heightened state of awareness and focused attention as well as helping to relieve stress manage anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve memory and attention.

                          Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA) Meditation Class In Progress With Zoom

The great thing about our Zoom Mediation classes is that we alternated each week to using different methods of Meditation to get the best out of our students including :

1. Loving-kindness meditation.
2. Body scan or progressive relaxation.
3. Mindfulness meditation.
4. Breath awareness meditation.
5. Gratitude Mediation
6. Zen meditation.
7. Transcendental Meditation
8. Guided Mediation

As well as a Eclectic Mix of positive affirmation and martial arts based meditation for our students who were attending the ESP Martial Arts & Self Defence classes.

Some of our students & zoomers have been practicing these exercises taught by the ESPA in their own time up and up and till now have felt more positive about life and others around them, as well as feeling more peaceful, calmed and relaxed, and have written fantastic reviews for our website.

In addition, we have been pleased and very appreciative to have received donations from some of our students for running these classes.

The Eclectic Self Protection Association have been delighted to offer theses FREE classes for everyone around London for self defence, fitness, health, wellness and positive thinking. We are dedicated in keeping our students safe whilst making a stronger, better, confident and more positive YOU!

A big thankyou to everyone who trained with The ESPA!

For some of our fantastic reviews made by our students please click here.

Interested in training with us or becoming an instructor? Click here for more information.

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