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Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor Course - April 2021 (ESPA)

Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness & Defence Instructor Course - April 2021 (ESPA)

The Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor Course was conducted for a student and martial arts practitioner late April 2021 in North London. Helen a student of the ESPA attended to gain the newly accredited instructor diploma qualifications.
Luke James | 3/5/2021

Guy Chester Centre Teens & Young Adult Self Defence & Meditation Workshop (ESPA)

The ESP program taught the young adults creative and powerful skills to deal with difficult situations that they may have to face. Using non-violent strategies, the students were taught how to effectively avoid, control and de-escalate aggression. The session also included a variety of meditation techniques to lower stress and improve self esteem and enhance positive thinking.
Luke James | 19/12/2019

Duke Of Edingburgh's Award (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) was hired to conduct a 12 week self defence training program for 3 students who were progressively working through their bronze, silver and gold awards. We had Taya, Honey & Elise all from a local school attend our training program which accelerated their self development and physical skill set.
Luke James | 13/8/2019

Womens Self Defence Workshop January 2019 (ESPA)

The Womens Self Defence Workshop was hosted by the Eclectic Self Protection Association (ESPA) and conducted at Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End on Saturday the 26th January. After 2 months of electronic advertising and marketing the 3hr seminar became quickly booked. We had a fantastic turnout of women including mothers, their daughters and other teenagers.
Luke James | 10/6/2019
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