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Tel : 07936660831

Tel : 07936660831

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North London Qi Gong Classes

Eclectic Qi Gong Training

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) offer Qi Gong Classes across London for health and wellbeing benefits, and a holsitic approach to martial arts for protection of one's self.

Eclectic Qi Gong is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training.

Qi means "life force energy" and Gong means "skill", so Qi Gong is the skill full practice of gathering, circulating, and applying life-force energy.

Eclectic Qi Gong is a meditative practice that uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of Qi within the human body to enhance overall health, and is based on the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.
Latest News
eclectic self protection - north london martial arts & self defence
4 Week Self Defence Course
Congratulations to student Ellie who performed brilliantly throughout her training with us and is a fantastic example of how we can take you from novice to aware, prepared and capable with eclectic self defence training. Come and join us!
Benefits :

There are a multitude of benefits of why Qi Gong is so effective as an exercise for our modern times.

  • Qi Gong Loosens the Muscles and Builds Power
  • Qi Gong Strengthens the Organs
  • Qi Gong Improves Cardio-pulmonary Function
  • Qi Gong Strengthens the Nerves
  • Qi Gong Improves Vascular Function
  • Qi Gong Can Be Used by the Seriously Ill
  • Qi Gong Helps Prevent Injury to Joints, Ligaments and Bones
  • Qi Gong Speeds Recovery Time from Injuries and Operations
  • Qi Gong Builds Athletic and Martial Arts Power
  • Qi Gong Eases Stress and Balances Emotions
  • Qi Gong Benefits Sedentary Workers and Meditators

We can be booked for private 1 to 1 training or small group classes across London and nationwide.
Latest News
eclectic self protection - north london martial arts & self defence
Knife & Edged Weapon Accreditation
Congratulations to student Helen who completed a 3 Hr Intensive Self Defence Course with the ESP Academy. Our courses of excellence have inspired her to attend further specialist training on a variety of self defence and personal security subjects.

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