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Tel : 07936660831

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tactical edged weapon defence TRAINING
london knife defence classes
London Knife Defence Training
Modern approach

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) offer Knife & Edged Weapon Defence Training across London and Nationwide. We believe that focussing on prevention and protection using key personal security and personal defence skills are essential in todays society for protection of one's self.

Our Knife & Edged Weapon Defence courses provide eclectic physical personal protection skills using modern freestyle applications as well as indepth self awareness skills using our 5 Tenets Of Eclectic Self Protection on how to stay safe and defend against edged weapons whilst making yourself a hard target.

Eclectic Self Protection covers both 'hard and soft' skills of Knife and Edged Weapon Self Defence Training using modern oriental eclecticism.
watch our video on the hard skills of eclectic self protection for knife & edged weapon Defence training to find out how we can help YOU OR your organization.

"Excellent! An informative, energetic and engaging course.

Eclectic Self Protection is an excellent Academy whom are really knowledgeable and personable, and very experienced.

They were respectfil and warm but also engaged fully with the seriousness of the content of the course.

highly recommended!"

Helen probert
- edged weapon DEFENCE ambassador -

Latest News
London Knife Defence Training
Mild May Bespoke Edged Weapon Defence Workshop
We are delighted to have offered a 2nd installment of Edged Weapon Defence Training for Mild May's staff team building events. Our bespoke courses of excellence have become very popular within the London community and we are pleased to be helping organizations develop greatness and positive energy. We are dedicated in excelling our students self-preservation and self awareness skills whilst improving confidence, fitness and self esteem.
Confidence             |            Self PRESERVATION          |            Awareness           |            BALANCED ENERGY         |         ECLECTICISM
Benefits of undertaking knife & edged weapon defence training:

Eclectic Self Protection will create a multitude of benefits for undertaking Knife & Edged Weapon Defence Training:

  • Improved Personal Protection, Confidence, Self Assurance & Self Awareness
  • Improved Personal Security & Target Hardening
  • Improved Fitness, Stress Levels And Self Esteem
  • Improved Knowledge On Fear, Myth Busting & Realities
  • Improved Mind Set, Structural Integrity & Balanced Energy
  • Improved Advantageous Anatomical & Biomechanical Movement
  • Improved Applications Of How To Use Your Enviornment To Your Advantage
  • Improved Knowledge On Self Defence & The UK Law
  • Improved Modern & Freestyle Applications Of Edged Weapon Defence
  • Improved Understanding Of How To Defend Against Larger Attackers
  • Improved Survival & Self Presevation For Todays Society
  • Improved Self Development For Staff Team Building
watch our video on the soft skills of eclectic self protection for knife & edged weapon defence training to find out how we can help You or your organization.
Cost & Length Of Courses:

Our Tactical Knife & Edged Wepaon Defence courses vary from a few hours, to 1 full day, to several days depending on the nature of the course.

Costs for individuals and small groups start at £100, and we are available nationwide for bookings.

Please enquire for more information.

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