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Tel : 07936660831

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North London Self Defence
What We Offer

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) has helped Academy's, Schools, and Sixthforms meet national activity guidelines within martial arts and fitness training including Sports Performance Accreditation and Duke Of Edingburgh Awards.

We can be booked for your organisation to run various programs for junior's and young adults, or alternatively you can book onto our generic classes, courses & workshops.

In addition, we can also be booked for private tutoring at the convenience of your own home.

Our programs cover:

Making yourself a hard target
Personal security
Stranger danger
Simple self defence techniques
Martial Arts & Fitness
Latest News
junior & young adult self defence
Duke Of Edingburgh Awards
Congratulations to Taya, Elisa & Honey who completed a 12 week specialized self defence training program with ESP which was accredited to their gold star Duke Of Edingburgh Awards. We believe in empowering our students to feel more confident, self aware, safer and better individuals.
Develop :

- Confidence
- Determination
- Resilience
- Awareness
- Proprioception
- Gross Motor Skills

All in a Fun and Safe environment.

Latest News
junior & young adult self defence
Guy Chester Centre Teens & Young Adult Self Defence Workshop
A brilliant achievement by the Guy Chester in-house young students who demonstrated very high standards and determination. We are committed in providing young adults with the Self Defence techniques needed to keep safe and protect themselves.
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Student Review
north london personal training
13 Week Duke Of Edingburgh Silver Star Award Program
"The ESPA had the pleasure to finish 13 weeks of training sessions as part of The Duke Of Edingburgh Award's. Charlotte who attained her silver star award with us performed brilliantly in oriental martial arts & self-defence training, situational awareness, anti-bullying, stranger danger and overal fitness. The training was conducted in a friendly and safe atmosphere adhering to our child protection and safe guarding policy, helping to improve confidence, resilience and self esteem. We would like to say a big well done to Charlotte and wish her all the best with her further physical & mental education.

Charlotte - School Student
Student Review
north london personal training
10 Week Junior & Young Adult Self Protection Program
"We would like to say a big well done to our young adult student Alessia who completed 10 weeks of Eclectic Self Protection training. Our programs of excellence are designed to excell our young adult students personal protection skills, confidence, self assurance, fitness and gross motor skills using eclecticism in a fun and interactive way. Learning stranger danger, developing self awareness skills, and preventing bullying is a key part to our training programs. We are dedicated in keeping our Junior & Young Adult students safe through engaging and energizing training whilst improving self esteem.

Alessia- School Student
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